Please note that we (Farhana Luxe & Co.) are operating 100% online.
Terms and conditions (Farhana Luxe & Co.)

1. All sales are final. No return, exchange, or refund unless the item sent does not match our description (Refer Refund Policy).

2. All items are original, bought by myself (Farhana Luxe & Co.) in Malaysia, United States and Europe.

3. We (Farhana Luxe & Co.) don't accept consignments and trade-ins. Items sold are brand new.

4. We (Farhana Luxe & Co.) certainly do not tolerate impatient, picky, and rude buyers.

5. The prices are fixed and non-negotiable.

6. Please be noted that the goods are purchased at the outlet at a discounted price, which means they are not in perfect condition. Therefore, we (Farhana Luxe & Co.) will not accept returns due to minor defects UNLESS it is major defects that make you (customer) unable to use the product purchased from Farhana Luxe & Co..

7. We (Farhana Luxe & Co.) will NOT be HELD RESPONSIBLE if anything happens during the delivery process. Once the parcel has been passed to the courier partner, we will no longer have power over the parcel.

8. If something happens during the delivery process, the customer/reseller must take the initiative to follow up with the courier partner to resolve the issue.

9. ALL PARCELS are insured up to RM100. Additional insurance is not available for offer.

10. Please note that if customers use Buy Now Pay Later options, we will not be offering a refund for the item if something happens during the delivery process and we agree to the terms. We will only provide store credit if we agree to the issue.

You (customer) are hereby, agreed to our terms and condition.